Raising the bars – a fun new way to advertise your business

In June 2021 Craig Smith from CRS Editorial contacted me through my website having seen my videos with an idea to promote his copywriting, proofreading & editing business.  Having been an editor for 25 years Craig went freelance last October and wanted to put something extraordinary together to celebrate the first anniversary of CRS Editorial.

I had a lot of questions and wanted to really nail down what we were going to do so we had a Zoom call to chat it all through and get a project brief together, agreed a fee and I got to work. 

I’m thankful to Craig for contacting me well in advance of CRS Editorial’s October anniversary as it gave me plenty of time to do a thorough job.  I’m also thankful to Prod by Millsy who allowed me to re-use his excellent beat from my track You Can’t Stop Time.

There were various aspects to this project – I spent time researching Craig’s business, carefully planning the tone and vision, scripting the lyrics with every word considered, mixing and mastering the audio to professional standard, planning the video then filming, editing, re-editing and editing again, re-editing again then editing some more, re-editing…you get the picture.

In total it took around 16 hours from conception to completion roughly broken down as follows:

It was important to me that the final product was something that Craig could be proud of, that showcased what he is about through both the lyrics and visuals.  During each step we kept in touch often and I gave Craig progress updates to show him what was happening, keep him involved and check that he was happy with the direction I was taking it in.

When it came to finalising the project I went through everything with a fine toothcomb and reviewed it many times to get everything right, consulting with Craig before adding the finishing touches and delivering the final film. 

Craig was delighted with the end result and was ecstatic to be able to show this video to his clients, friends, family and business associates.  Despite brimming with excitement about this for about 3 months he somehow managed to keep it secret from even his wife and was thrilled with her reaction when he unveiled it to her first!

I wanted to do something a little bit different to promote my first year as a business owner, so when I met Wilko, the cogs started turning straight away as to how we could work together.

I am blown away at the fantastic job he has done to help promote CRS Editorial and my services and I know my clients will be too!

A superb talent who can really offer businesses and individuals alike something a little off the cuff!

Many thanks, Wilko!”Craig Smith, owner CRS

Craig unveiled the video on his LinkedIN page and this is what his clients and network had to say:

Now if you’ve read this far and haven’t yet seen the video then you must be bursting at the seams, so here it is!

If you enjoyed the video and would like to work with me in any way then please get in touch on my contact form or drop me an email at wilkowilkes@gmail.com and we’ll have a chat about what we could do.

Do you want to advertise your business in a fun and imaginative way?  Maybe you want to surprise a family member or friend with a custom rap?  Whatever your ideas I’m open to them, but due to time restraints and many other commitments I can only take on a limited number of projects at any one time so get in touch soon, the more notice the better. 

A product launch for January?  Let’s talk.  Advertising your new range next Spring?  No problem. Planning for your wife’s 80th birthday in the year 2055?  Why wait?

Follow CRS Editorial on Twitter or connect with Craig on LinkedIN

Follow Wilko Wilkes on Instagram, Spotify, Facebook, Youtube or Twitter

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