Daddy Shark

Daddy Shark was never really a track that I planned, it just emerged from writing different lines at different times which I thought would sound great, and one night I started stringing them together. I needed a beat and I thought what better than Baby Shark, bringing a similar vibe to Stick Around.

Daddy Shark Cover

I wanted the video to just be pure fun and I think I achieved it! It was all during lockdown so I filmed a lot of it on my own, making use of the phone stand I’d bought, trying out different techniques and having fun with it.

There is a scene in the video to the line “I’m jumping over obstacles like Evil Knievel” where I wanted to jump over a bench and take a comedy tumble forward, I knew I only had one chance at it in case it went wrong, and as you’ll see in the video it went very wrong! I’m pretty sure I broke a couple of ribs and my mobility was affected for at least three weeks afterwards, something I’d never try again but it makes for a great moment, I guess sometimes you have to suffer for your art!

My favourite line:

“Let go of modesty, honestly I’m a prodigy on a wandering odyssey mopping up etymology.”

What’s yours?


Well look who’s back in the moment to burn up the mic,

It’s Wilko Wilkes I never stop until it sounds tight.

It’s why my tracks aren’t dropping every fortnight,

That and the constantly changing pressures of my own life.

I’m writing my rhymes, I’m setting my fire alight.

I’m taking my time and I’m talking to talented types.

I’m yearning to learn and I’m working well into the night,

I’m spreading respect and I’m sticking up for the little guy.

I was missing a vision until I made a decision and now I’m churning out tongue twisters with ferocious precision, I’m living.

I’m giving back to all the people who back me,

I’m laughing at all of the ones who are only here to attack me.

Whatever the weather we’re all gonna be in it together, forever,

But there was a time when I wasn’t feeling too clever,

I never appreciated what my life was worth

But now I’m clambering up the mountain and coming at you with lyrical girth.

My wings have grown, I’m as free as a bird

And so I’m flying up into orbit and I’m circling the Earth,

I’ve heard…let go of modesty, honestly I’m a prodigy

On a wandering odyssey, mopping up etymology

I’m a storyteller and a master of timing,

With conviction and diction, I’m never happier than when I’m rhyming.

I’m not in the game of making outrageous claims,

But if Eminem and Albert Einstein had a son they’d give him my name.

I’m not just spitting platitudes, my rap is cerebral.

I’m an underdog with attitude like Eddie the eagle,

I sting like a weedle, I’m as sharp as a needle

And I’m jumping over obstacles like Evil Knievel

Well they said you shouldn’t write a track without a hook but I couldn’t give a monkeys, I’m ripping up the rule book.

Coming up out of the darkness and making people stop and look.

So if you’re lapping the lyrics up and you’re digging the beat

You’d better load it up on your Spotify and stick it on repeat,

Or just grab yourself an ice pop and watch a bit of Wife Swap I’ll always be here, keeping it going til the mic drop.

Thanks for reading!

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