Indie Fanzine Sacked on Championship Manager Review

Sacked on Championship Manager by Wilko Wilkes Review – Indie Fanzine

Some songs are about matters of life and death, whilst others are much more important. This new song by @wilkowilkesmusic touches on a subject of deep significance that will resonate with anyone who has spent far too long playing football management games.

Admittedly, that is a very specific niche, but for those who do identify, this song reflects the agony, frustrations and deep emotions associated with playing the addictive, all consuming and just-as-important-as-real-life simulation that is Championship Manager. Players of other football and maybe other sport management games may well also relate. Indeed, the words of this song are so powerful that maybe even non players will start to understand the world of the football manager player for the first ever time!

Most of the lyrics are rapped in a similar style to Mike Skinner (The Streets), albeit with a more northerly accent and a different tone to the lyrics (I can’t believe you gave me my marching orders, you horrible man! What did I ever do to you? You bloomin binary code berk! Made up of 0s and 1s and dumping me like a number 2. I’m sorry for the language…) The singing at the end also has similarities with Mike Skinner’s singing!

The musical style is similar to the jazz rap of bands like Tribe Called Quest and Da La Soul, making the theme of the lyrics even better, in contrast to the kind of themes explored by those past masters

The song is available on YouTube, complete with an amazing video. You should be able to find it via @wilkowilkesmusic – go on, it’s well worth a look!

This song may not appeal to everyone, but only because not everyone will get it. The objective fact is, this song is a masterpiece. (and very funny) Check it out as soon as you can!

@indiefanzine 12 February 2022