In the Press

November 2021 – Music Stars Making a Social Impact: How & Why Wilko Wilkes is helping to change our world – Authority Magazine, Medium

November 2021 – British Hip Hop Interview with Wilko Wilkes

November 2021 – Record Weekly ABCDEpression Review

November 2021 – British Hip Hop ABCDEpression Review

October 2021 – Click Roll Boom ABCDEpression Preview

May 2021 – NAS Podcast Special – Lyrics of NAS – Stalked by a Stranger

April 2021 – Chapel FM Red Kite Poverty in the UK Radio Interview

April 2021 – South Leeds Life Article Poverty in the UK

April 2021 – BCB Radio Interview Poverty in the UK

April 2021 – Record Weekly Poverty in the UK Review

April 2021 – New Music Yorkshire Interview with Wilko Wilkes

March 2021 – Connolly’s Corner You Can’t Stop Time Review

March 2021 – Click Roll Boom You Can’t Stop Time Preview

February 2021 – Light on Leeds Podcast with Paul “Wilko” Wilkes

January 2021 – New Artist Spotlight Podcast with Wilko Wilkes

January 2021 – South Leeds Life Stalked by a Stranger Article

January 2021 – Reyt Good Magazine Stalked by a Stranger Review

December 2020 – New Artist Spotlight 10 Questions with Wilko Wilkes

November 2020 – Chapel FM Young Musicians Interview with Wilko Wilkes

October 2020 – Bingley/Thornton/Allerton/Queensbury Directory interview

October 2020 – Reyt Good Magazine Daddy Shark Review

October 2020 – BCB Radio Daddy Shark Interview with Wilko Wilkes

September 2020 – Happy Hour TV with Wilko Wilkes

February 2020 – Article from South Leeds Life – Don’t Mess!

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