Stick Around (You’ll See What I Mean)

Stick Around for me is a watershed moment in my music life. I always love hearing rap over pop songs and was influenced by other artists doing this like Matoma and Girl Talk. Every time I heard Shotgun by George Ezra I was hearing rap verses and this alternative chorus ringing round my head so I had to sit down and write it.

Stick Around Cover

The lyrics symbolise where I was in my mind, I was feeling the infectious energy of writing regularly, I’d been through counselling and I was feeling empowered, ecstatic that I had started doing this seriously and I was writing straight from the heart. I was exorcising my demons and gaining in confidence, finally doing what I’d always dreamed of and creating my art.

I filmed the video around the Bingley Five Rise locks as I got a taste for showcasing the fantastic local scenery in my work, there are so many cool places in Yorkshire that it’d be a shame not to use them! This is a real feelgood track and it makes me happy to listen to it and perform it.

My favourite line:

“I keep it cooler than a freezing vat of liquid nitrogen with hypothermia even when I’m in the hot sun.

What’s yours?


Wilko Wilkes

Stick around, you’ll see what I mean.

Knock knock!  It’s me again I’m back, I had to get back in it and release myself with rap

So it’s Wilko with another flow, well I’ve been building all my lyrics up so I can do a show.

I’ve been writing these rhymes for 31 years

But keeping it inside not able to face up to my fears, 

I’ve gotta pack it all in tight because I’m in arrears,

So now I’ve got my coat off and I’m moving up through the gears

Well time flies by in the blink of an eye, 

You’ll never know if you can do it if you never try,

I’ve wasted too many chances to let this one pass me by,

I’ve been backing them up and packing them up and stacking them all up high as a mountain top,

I’m never gonna stop, I’m pure hip-hopping never stopping body-popping beat dropping, 

Thinking about my lyrics unlike most of the guys that are chart-topping knowing that I’ll never know why…           

You want a slow and steady singer well I’m not one,

My rap is quicker than a rapid-fire shotgun,

I keep it cooler than a freezing vat of liquid nitrogen with hypothermia even when I’m in the hot sun.

I know you wanna find my weakness well I’ve got none,

Just when you think I’m finished you realise I’m not done,

I spent a lifetime being told I couldn’t make it cos my attitude was bad when my mentality was spot on.

Now I’m staking my claim I’m at the top of my game,

Imaginary voices didn’t make me insane 

And so Instead of dodging punishment I’m taking the blame

And if I’m getting into trouble then I’m facing the shame

It’s Wilko Wilkes, remember the name!

I’m making an impression in the back of your brain,

I’m looking at you speaking from the heart when I’m saying

I know that me and every one of you we’re one and the same because

Time flies by and we’ll never know why

If you need me you know where I’ll be.

I’ll be at the mountaintop, cos I’m never gonna stop,

Stick around and you’ll see what I mean.

Well it was killing me having to sit back and watch it from outside in the cold,

And dreaming of the feeling when you’re breaking the mould, 

I’ve gotta cap it off and wrap it so it doesn’t unfold 

And keep the daylight shining through into the back of my soul.

Something’s coming to me pumping energy right through me, giving me a thrill I can’t sit still or do what I’m told 

If I remembered about my lessons and they’re answering all my questions then I’m building up my essence and I’m staying in control 

Well do you defend, or do you attack?

Whichever way you go you know you’re never coming back

You’re going to new areas, I know it feels precarious but even if it’s solid you’ll be finding the cracks

So you can do what you want, and do it for you,

Don’t bother listening to people when they don’t have a clue,

You’ve gotta put some time aside for finding the truth 

Or might never get the chance to do what you wanna to do because

Time flies by and we’ll never know why, if you need me you know where I’ll be.

I’ll be at the mountaintop cos I’m never gonna stop,

Stick around and you’ll see what I meeean, 

Yeeahh, wooaah, stick around and you’ll see what I meeeean

Yeaehyeaahyeah, wooahhooahhhooaah, stick around and you’ll see what I mean!

So when you hear my rap again you’re gonna pump it,

And spread it thicker than the butter on a crumpet,

And then I’ll leave you with a little bit of trumpet.

Thanks for reading!

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