Looking Backwards and Forwards

The last few months have been a real whirlwind. A lot of work and some thoroughly unforgettable experiences and I’m already deep into my plans for 2023 as the winds of change keep blowing. In amongst the bluster the time has come to get off the treadmill and take a moment to reflect. September sawContinue reading “Looking Backwards and Forwards”

She Said Yes! How Wilko Wilkes Helped A Happy Couple Get Engaged

In late-January 2022 a good friend of mine contacted me for some help with concocting a plan to propose to his girlfriend. Straff and Carrera have been dating for 17 months and are a fantastic couple who seem custom-made for each other, they also happen to be big fans of my music! Straff wanted meContinue reading “She Said Yes! How Wilko Wilkes Helped A Happy Couple Get Engaged”

WilkoWilkes.com launches!

After about a year of umming and ahhring over whether to build my own website I bit the bullet and I am now the proud owner of WilkoWilkes.com! I’ll be using this site to document my journey, make the odd blog post, showcase my music and keep all my stuff organised and together in oneContinue reading “WilkoWilkes.com launches!”