Wilko Wilkes Color Display Rap For Good Workshops

Educational and fun rap workshops for young people, led by Wilko Wilkes

What happens at Rap for Good?

Participants will witness live rap and take part in discussions, before penning their own raps and getting the chance to take the mic and perform to a supportive audience.

The workshops encourage a supportive environment with a positive focus on self-expression and students are encouraged to write and rap about subjects they care about.  

We will learn about poetic devices and the benefits of creativity as well as technical rap skills and creative writing. 

The sessions are inclusive and young people of all ages and abilities can take part. 

Everyone will have the opportunity to perform, should they choose to!

Warning - It will be noisy!

The workshops are engaging and inspiring, encouraging authenticity and collaboration.

All you need to provide is a space! A screen is preferred but not essential.

We will bring microphones and a Bose S1 PA sound system as well as worksheets and stationery.

Every workshop produces new pieces of work that the young people can be proud of and take home with them.

It is always a unique and exciting experience!

Why Wilko?

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